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Schools are businesses.

I've had almost two years to think about this cliche and the Coronavirus pandemic has brought this into the sharpest focus.

The last 18 months have been devastating in ways we will not understand for a long time:

Covid is here to stay in one form or another.

It seems very unlikely that we'll be back to "normal" any time soon.
So now is the time for everyone charged with the direction and management of independent schools to fast forward and "virtually realise" what our schools will look like in the coming years.

I guess any head reading this will echo those thoughts and silently - or audibly - say "come on, wise guy what's the answer!"

At least, I hope that's what they would say.
And I do have some ideas that I know are worth considering...

27 years as a head of a Senior girls boarding school, transformed into 5 schools on-site and one school in China, co-Ed and single-sex, day and boarding, provided multiple challenges and substantial success.

None of this was achieved without the support of governors, staff, students - and most crucially, parents.

This is the most critical time in our post war history.

Please contact me if you need advice, guidance and support.

And perhaps I can help you to ensure the survival of your school.


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About Jonathan Forster

Jonathan Forster was the Principal of Moreton Hall School for 27 years before deciding to offer his considerable experience and expertise to other schools via JForster Consulting.

As well as making Moreton an academic success, Jonathan has been lauded for his work in creating a profitable school despite an extremely difficult climate.

In 2018 he successfully launched Moreton Hall China, an international school based on the success of Moreton Hall UK.

The Good Schools Guide says: 

his entrepreneurial spirit, his thinking outside the box, shows in the girls and in the whole ethos of the place. He has done remarkable things and when he eventually does leave, it will take someone very special to take his place.

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What Parents Say

“Moreton is the hugely successful and unique school because of your inspiration, dedication and leadership.”
A past parent

“Thank you for providing a wonderful nurturing environment for our girls; without a doubt it has been the best decision we could have made."
A current parent

What The Media Say

“The many exciting developments over the past 27 years reflect Jonathan’s innovative and visionary leadership...how many schools would start - and complete- a multi million pound project to build a community theatre in the school grounds in this economic climate?”
Shropshire Magazine

“His entrepreneurial spirit, his thinking outside the box, shows in the whole ethos of the place.
He has done remarkable things..”
Good Schools Guide 2019