I remember hosting a fundraising dinner to provide scholarships and bursaries. One of the guests walked out in a huff - if only she’d known that she was giving money to privileged people at private schools, she wouldn’t have accepted the invitation...

Well, firstly read the invitation before you accept - and secondly, note to self, make sure that guests understand the message.

Schools that enjoy the tax breaks - no VAT, no corporation tax - and currently no business rates - are extraordinarily lucky.

What the schools fail to do is to convince everyone that they always act as charities.

The last 30 years have seen an explosion in the provision of new facilities - I know, I was part of that arms race.

It has to stop.

Or to be more accurate, it has stopped.

So no more new buildings, make do and mend and put ALL resources to providing bursaries and scholarships to those children who will enhance our schools - and help to rebuild our country.

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