The China Syndrome

For the past 20 years U.K. boarding schools have depended upon boarders from Hong Kong and more recently mainland China. These students account for almost 40% of fee income for the sector.

The market is still there.

British education is highly regarded by Chinese parents who increasingly value the holistic approach to education U.K. independent schools provide.

It’s arguable, but not fanciful, to say that British boarding schools are the best schools in the world.

The let up from lockdown has yet to come, but the signals are there and there will be a race to get back into the market.

But a word of warning:
Chinese parents are very wary of looking overseas for education at present.

The old single child policy and the continuing uncertainty over a return of Covid-19 makes Chinese parents very protective of their children.

And some Chinese parents are unhappy about paying full fees for remote teaching through online lessons this term.

Personal contacts with established agents and representatives in China- improving diplomatic relations in effect- will assist recruitment.

The loss of Chinese income would be catastrophic for many schools.

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